About Acupuncture

About Acupuncture

The name of “acupuncture” is inspired by the lyrics of a CD album. Anarchy symbol “A” represents “symmetry” and “No.1”.

Started by original puncturist Phil de Mesquita and Nikos Nicholaou in 1993 SOHO England, acupuncture led the emerging fashion trend with famous footwear design. Stimulated by the continuous evolution, acupuncture has successfully developed as a leading fashionable and casual brand in the world.



Acupuncture’s 20th anniversary! The brand especially launched limited edition crystal collection and snake print collection for celebration. Blending laminated silver python pattern and color grading into soft lambskin, this limited edition crystal collection also brightened by 2,000 pieces of crystals. With aesthetics on edgy style and strong visual impact, 3 different styles provided with high-cut and low-cut for easier matching. Another focusing product of the year, limited edition snake print collection laminated python pattern into gold, black and silver, 20 pieces of crystals created “A” logo on the both sides of shoes for extraordinary sparkling with luster. The brand also collaborated with the band drummer of Hong Kong famous legendry band Beyond for their 30th anniversary, with Mr. Yip Sai Wing and new talented band EVER presents the special edition of Acupuncture. Last but not least, the brand has launched a sneaker design competition with Hong Kong trendy weekly magazine “MILK”.



Again, the brand collaborated with the movie “Batman – The Dark Knight Rises”, launched “Acupuncture x Batman” global limited edition.



As the breakthrough of fashion industry, Acupuncture collaborated with Mini Classic for “Mini Classic” special limited edition. In order to encourage original creativity, the brand also held the fashion design competition “Acupuncture x Mini x PolyU” in University.




The brand invited Rubberband as spokesperson, and held a big party for fall winter season in Lan Kwai Fong, Central. Celebrity Chrissie Chau and Raymond Wong were being the model for demonstration on fashion and footwear collection, while Rubberband provided the live music performance in the fabulous night. Apart from that, Acupuncture worked with well-known music award Grammy Label for creating a series of fashion collection. With the brand philosophy on achieving better improvement, Acupuncture kept the leading position in the market.



Collaborated with Disney, the brand launched “Acupuncture x BLOC 28” limited edition shoes and accessories, and organized a huge exhibition ”BLOC Mickey” in Times Square, Causeway Bay.



The brand created collaboration collection, “Acupuncture x Batman” limited edition, with the movie “Batman – The Dark Knight”. Again, the brand also collaborated with Hong Kong film “CJ7”, launched another “Acupuncture x CJ7 ”limited edition in same year. The brand produced TV commercials and held a press conference for this collection.



Collaborated with the Hollywood movie “Spiderman 3”, chief designer Nikos Nicholaou designed “Acupuncture x Spiderman 3” limited edition, followed by the press conference for this collection.



The first flagship store of Asia Pacific was established in Fa Suet Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong. To celebrate this important moment, Phil de Mesquita and chief designer Nikos Nicholaou were in Hong Kong for this launch event, and also created limited edition with shinning sparkles. Josie Ho and Sam Lee were the spokesperson of the brand, they leaded the company to kick-off the new China market.





Blending with refined embroidery and different materials, the brand launched the new collection with ethic and religion issue. The good use of colors and design gained extremely huge popularity in Japan and England.




The brand cooperated with signer Roger Sanchez to organize Miami Music Festival, and launched limited edition “Sanchez” in summer time.


Following the demand on old-skool style, sneakers were all repackaged by customizing vintage design and giving them new life. Teddy bear wore their outfits for easier acceptance. Box-sized round toe sneakers got Abstract “A” design at the front, plus 6 independent designs regarding to World Cup. The positive response made Teddy bear shoe sole and Abstract “A” design round toe became another new icon of Acupuncture.



The brand firstly launched the new collection with oriental design elements, using Japanese geisha pattern in sneakers. It was extremely popular in Japan and Asia market, and built more solid understanding and recognition in these regions.



Mixing of up-to-date style and sophisticated design, Acupuncture launched “Blunder”, “Beefer”, “Gingpok” and “Roach” collection with great success in the market. “Beefer” delivered the great design providing with brilliant shades of colors, innovative design details and its big bold “A” logo on bulky and stupid silhouette. Thus, many celebrities and artistes were attracted by this amazing design. Besides the fashion insider of England, Bjork, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Leon Lai and Faye Wong also got one at least.




With the arrival of Nikos Nicholaou as chief designer, they started to work together on sneaker design which blending strong sense of fashion trend and wide range of variety on design details. In this year, the sales volume of the sneaker increased tremendously up to 20,000 pairs. Expect a big bold mix of geometric prints and colors worked with precision shapes and silhouettes, Nikos also paid much attention on the shoe sole design. Every season, he kept injecting different inspiration for his unique style. The incorporation of teddy bear shoe sole with sexual organs of male and female was successfully became the global controversy, and it was the origin of Acupuncture’s signature bear sole.



The boutique was solely taken over by Phil, therefore he started to create sneakers which combining 70’s style and distinctive design elements in his boutique as first trial. Unexpectedly, 5,000 pairs of sneaker were sold out to Japan and England market with great popularity. These box-sized round toe sneakers became the original classic sneakers design in the industry, which also inspiring other sportswear brands at that moment.




Original puncturist, Phil de Mesquita and his friends took over the running of a boutique at a back alley in London SOHO area and created the brand “Acupuncture” with inspiration from the lyrics of a CD album. In the very beginning, it was only a small boutique selling punk gear, antique clothing and sneakers.